Here’s the Let’s Play program book!

Looking to see who is coming and when your favorite game has a tournament?

LPGB Program Cover LPGB2013programcover

Download the complete program here!.

Notice something missing?  Let us know in the comments here and we’ll add it to the errata.





WARMACHINE was left off the schedule by mistake

6:00 PM Friday 15 Point Skirmishes – 6 PM Start FREE
10 AM Saturday  50 Point Steamroller $5
2 PM Saturday  15 Point Skirmishes Free
11 AM Sunday  200 Points Last Man Standing – 2 – 3 player Teams – Free



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  1. Dale Shepherd

    There should be a DnD Next encounters session at noon on Saturday.

    1. The Head Gnome

      Thanks Dale!

  2. Karen Beres

    Can anyone tell me if the Puzzle Off! Event can be done anytime throughout the day or can only be done at 10am?

    1. Pat Fuge

      Karen – it’s going to run all weekend! Teams will be timed and the best will win prizes

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